Our Team Has Expanded!

July 2, 2013

So we broke the news just over a month ago that we have a new home in O’bryonville! The move went absolutely fantastic and probably one of the best moves we have made yet! Not only do we have a gorgeous place but a more convenient location for our clients to pop in and say hello (and even new ones stopping by to check us out!)  So when the story broke we got contacted by our partners at Venue Magazine to do a feature story! Well, I don’t need to say much more because they said it better than I ever could have!

Oh and before you start reading this great article that was written up – never miss a beat!


-But let me say, before you start reading this great story, there is no way I could have ever done this expansion without the two new additions to our team Abby Lauter and Kristin Decker! See their bios below the story and make sure you come out to Battle of the Wedding Bands and say hello to the girls and I!-



Now that you know where we are, here is the bio of the team at A Bride’s Mafia!

Nidhi Bedi – Producer & Lead Wedding/Event Coordinator


Two years ago, this was all just a big dream to me. Very quickly did dreams become realities. As the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Elements Conference and Event Centre I was put on a project to produce an in house bridal show. So I decided to associate myself with this amazing group of vendors. I was pretty set on the vision I had in mind about this show — how it would go, the vendors that would be part of it, the vibe, and etc.  Little did I know that show would lead me to an opportunity to kick off a future with A Bride’s Mafia.  Since then we have produced 10 amazing bridal shows with 1800-2500 people in less than 3 hours at unique venues such as Fountain Square, Great American Ball Park, Music Hall, Moonlite Gardens, Elements Conference and Event Center, and hopefully the list is just going to grow over time. Well the show production didn’t just stop there. I went ahead and decided to take this company to another level. A level that was just a dream to me. A level you read about, but don’t know what to think!

A Bride’s Mafia — It’s not about what you know, its about who you know!

Yep, the article above by venue says it perfectly. My vision/dream quickly became reality when we kicked off A Bride’s Mafia with this amazing group of vendors. Vendors who were key in their profession, vendors that went above and beyond, vendors that had reputation and class. Vendors that believed in what we do — there is so much more that goes into an event, than the sale! By allowing me to have this amazing group of vendors we started our network at www.abridesmafia.com. It works fantastic!

Now we are online…We have a Studio…We produce Bridal Shows….And we make Bride’s dreams become Reality!  Can I really ask for more?

It’s been great, but never would it be perfect without my right hand girl (Abby Lauter)

–Abby Lauter– ABM’S Right Hand Girl and Special Events and Wedding Coordinator

AbbyHaving grown up in and around the Wedding Industry, Abby feel in love with weddings at a young age.  Loving weddings all of her life, she knew she wanted to work in the wedding industry after interning with A Brides Mafia during the summer of 2012.   Abby Graduated from Miami University in 2013 and was very excited to have the opportunity to join A Brides Mafia’s Team!  Abby prides herself on forming lasting relationships with the vendors in the Mafia, her brides, her creativity, attention to detail and making sure every bride has her perfect day. She has been a huge reason of why A Bride’s Mafia has been so successful this far!  Abby says, I am excited to have done many events with Nidhi and on my own, even more excited to work with Kristin on her wedding next week!

–Kristin Decker–   Special Events and Wedding Coordinator


Ever since she received her Wedding Day Midge Barbie doll at age six, Kristin has been captivated by weddings. From that point on, she knew that she wanted to get into the event industry & wouldn’t let anything stop her. She began doing research as a freshman in high school, when she received her first year subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings. Kristin began planning parties before she was out of high school & had successfully coordinated her first wedding before she was out of college. After graduating from Miami University (OH), Kristin began an apprenticeship with an event planner. After doing a large number of weddings and events she realized she loved it and couldn’t wait for her special day to come! Then, in December of 2010, something big happened…something big and shiny to be exact- she got engaged! It was at this point that Kristin realized she had to undertake her most difficult task… planning her own wedding. As a result of a stunning photograph taken by her wedding photographer, Kristin was introduced to Nidhi Bedi and the two of them just clicked! So in November of 2012, Kristin officially joined the Mafia!

So now that you know our team…make sure you stop by and say hello and set up your complimentary consultation to help make your dreams a reality!