I’ts not about what you know… It’s about who you know!

July 25, 2013

Since the launch of A Bride’s Mafia (a little over two year ago) the group has already reached a level that I couldn’t have even dreamed of. I remember when I first decided to take on this adventure — I had planned to do a bridal show on Fountain Square (yes.. literally on Fountain Square) and everyone thought I was a bit crazy for it. I can remember that night like it was yesterday. I remember at 5 pm thinking, this is it.. I wonder how it will go.. Well 4 hours later… the weather was perfect, the 60 vendors were excellent, 250 Brides were happy and we were able to see over 2000 guests!

I knew at that moment this was my calling! We proceeded to do another great show at Paul Brown Stadium, 2 bridal shows at The Elements Conference and Event Centre, 2 successful shows at Great American Ball Park, an upscale show at Music Hall, and now we are getting ready to another twist: Battle of the Wedding Bands on Aug 11th!

A Bride’s Mafia has our shows down.. and everyone remembers how great the shows have been, but what everyone doesn’t realize is — its not just the venue that these shows are at, the atmosphere, the excitement, but really its the vendors that are part of A Bride’s Mafia that make our shows/events/site reach such high levels.

So today.. I wanted to share with you all exactly what it means to be a member of A Bride’s Mafia!

When it comes to putting together your dream wedding.. it’s not about what you know.. it’s about who you know!  A Bride’s Mafia is your one stop shop in event planning.. we offer exclusive deals..complimentary consultations.. customized wedding timelines and we produce bridal shows (afterhours bridal show – an unusual twist on your usual bridal show) to introduce you to Cincinnati’s finest wedding vendors! A Bride’s Mafia and our team has everything for you from the moment you get engaged to the time you walk down the aisle!

The members of A Bride’s Mafia are hand chosen to be part of our exclusive group! Every vendor must submit an application and then is approved with a site consultation/visit! Our vendors and team hold to a certain level of respect, commitment, expectations, and reputation that we want our Bride’s to experience!

When getting married you think.. what sets the vendors at A Bride’s Mafia apart from the other resource group — great question! Let me tell you a little bit about our vendors!






Peppe Ramundo & Son:  I absolutely adore Carmen & Peppe. Not just because they are great people, but because of what they do for my clients. Grooms to be — I know you don’t get much of a say on a lot of things, but this is really important for you! Did you know Peppe Ramundo & Son owns all of their inventory in house! Why is that important? Because on your big day when a measurement goes bad or something does fit — a lot of the bigger chains can’t fix the mistake! They go above and beyond to make sure each and every single client is happy. They treat you like family and if you are really lucky — you will get a good family history from Peppe himself! Carmen & Peppe will go in the back fix it up and get you 100% ready to go for your big day!

Wendy’s Cincinnati Bride: As one of our sponsors for the last two years Wendy’s Cincinnati Bride has been phenomenal to work with! I directly have always dealt with Joan. She is amazing!  All of our brides that go in and say they are dealing with A Bride’s Mafia have come back and said nothing but great things! They have a great selection of inventory, great pricing, and produce one of our favorite bridal shows (check them out for their big winter show!)






Botox & Fillers: Angie Bova is amazing! She works at Sia Spa. I have sent her two of my clients already and they have absolutely loved her service and dedication. Brides to be — do you, your bridal party, or mothers need botox or fillers? If so she is your girl!

BrideBod: Holly Larson is so incredible. Brides, she doesn’t just help you with getting healthy for your big day but helps you set your marriage on a foundation of health and wellness! Who wouldn’t want a grocery tour and a chance for cooking classes with your hubs to be!

Cincy StyleBar: Not gonna lie, I absolutely fell in love with this place when I went there! Many people told me Andrea and Ashley were amazing to work with, but when I met them I just got such a great vibe and great energy. Their place is so cute! They have a place for bridal parties to go in to get glammed up for their big day (bachlorette parties, bridal shows, weddings, after parties — AND they even come to you!) Not to mention they do tanning and will create a flawless look for your big day!

I Do Updo On Location: I absolutely ADORE Heidi. Not only does she do my hair but I got to plan her wedding! It was at one of her tastings that I realized her passion for doing hair and the future was going to be big! After a lot of convincing and seeing her in action on her big day (yes she did grandmas, moms, bridal party, flower girl, AND herself — and still stayed calm) she decided to start her own business. Seeing her grow has been incredible! Honestly if you want someone that understands the pressure of getting married and just makes you laugh with her jokes — this is your girl!

Niela Dawn – Make Up Artist: When Niela contacted us not to long ago I didn’t know what to expect. She came into the Mafia office with this vibe that just attracted me to her. She had this instant spunk and glam about her. She knew what she wanted, she talked about the Bride’s and how much she cared bout their big day, not to mention she just had this vision I haven’t seen before. I knew she would be a great addition to our team bringing in our out of town vibe to Cincinnati!

Paul Mitchell: I adore Christina that has been my contact with Paul Mitchell. Why a school some people ask? Well what a lot of people don’t realize is at those big bridal shows (like the one that recently just happened at Great American Ball Park) — Yep – that was their team that provided 30 artists to take care of 400 brides hair and make up! The people that attend the school have such passion in them! Going out for a night out? Bachlorette Party? Contact them and let the students show you what they have got!

Re.You Studio: So, let me tell you. I was scared to death when I heard laser hair removal! But – when I met the ladies here they talked me into this “painless” procedure. And guess what? It was! I was in and out within an hour. My first consult I met with a doctor we went over a few things went back a week later and started my laser hair treatment — my only question was, why the heck didn’t I do this a few years ago! They are amazing to work with, great deals, and offer painless procedures (oh and tattoo removals too! — maybe I will go back for that in a few years!)



Culinary & Dessert



A Spoon Fulla Sugar: Ummm Yum, Yum, and Yum. Seriously talking about the cake here just makes me hungry! I have seen some amazing designs – but the team at A Spoon Fulla Sugar not only make some great cakes but their attention to detail is just amazing! This year alone not only did they just do cakes but custom buckeyes, cakes, hot chocolate, caramel apples, party favors and so much!

Dulce Designs: When you think about meeting someone who just makes you smile. It is Angela from Dulce Designs. She is just incredible. She has some great Candy Buffet designs (popcorn buffet, the cutest themed tables, dessert bars, just so much) but the best part of her company – she literally customizes EVERYTHING! Every bride that I have sent to her comes back with raving reviews about how amazing she is and how they just felt so excited to be working with her!

Elements Catering: Okay, so I maybe a bit biased because I also work with Elements Catering. This year has really taken off for us. Seeing our team do offsite events from all table, chair, linen, staff, catering, and etc has blown me away! I think one of my favorite parts of 2014 has been being able to go offsite and visit so many amazing venues and customizing the brides day from a clear slate!

Gigi’s Cupcakes: Ohhh, where do I start. How about they have the best cupcakes ever made! Seriously they are just so delicious not to mention Amy customizes each package for the bride. Every single Bride that has gone there has come back raving about how excited they are to work with them! The best part – you don’t even need to wait for your big day! Gigi’s is located in Kenwood and open everyday for business. So stop on in and try it yourself!

Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment:  Jeff Ruby’s Carlo & Johnny, Jeff Ruby’s Precinct, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse: Are you looking for the perfect place for your rehearsal dinner? Check out one of the three restaurants in Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment! Not only are they top notch but so amazing to work with! Each of their restaurants offers such sophistication that we couldn’t really be called A Bride’s Mafia without them on our side! They are the perfect place for bridal showers, luncheons, rehearsal dinners, and even small receptions! Every time I have gone there the staff there has been so personal and accommodating! Their restaurants feature indoor and outdoor options for your special day!

Patricia’s Wedding & Custom Cake: Love. Love. Love Patricia. I have never met such a hard working person in my life. When I need something – I don’t just talk to anyone, Pat calls me back. I love that my Bride’s get so excited because they deal with Patricia herself! Patricia makes each bride feel important and customizes everything to their specific needs! Not to mention her cakes, oh so yummy! She has made my birthday cakes the past five years (well i’ve only known her for five too) — but I wouldnt change a think. The flavors, taste, customization, personalization, and service she offers in untouchable!




Bands! — I can’t even talk enough about the incredible bands that we have — so make sure you come out to Battle of the Wedding Bands to see them all LIVE!

DJ Butlers: Fred is great to work with! Fred offers customized packages for all brides with all budgets! He has a great team of professionals that will help plan your day and make it one to remember!

Dj Toad: You know the best thing about Toad? You know they say sometimes you don’t have to say much because your work shows it all. That is DJ Toad and his team. They are absolutely amazing to work with! They mix, they have music videos, they are personable, they care about your event, and the best part is they know how to rock a party!

Hey! Mr Dj: Ah, where do I start with Hey! Mr Dj. I have to say this is probably one of the key vendors that have impressed me since I have met them. Every time I work with them they have something new that they add to the reception. The key elements that other people just don’t think about. Brandon has been so amazing to work with. The best part — they actually are more than Dj’s — they make your event part of their event. What does that mean? They sit down with you, customize timelines, try to help you create a vision that will set your event apart from all others. Not to mention hands down every time I have worked with them they have made me cry! They have elements that you just have to call them to find out because I can’t spoil any secrets here! When booking Hey Mr Dj! it is a lot more than just booking your entertainment they offer an experience which is personal that bride’s wont forget!

JD Hughes: JD is one of the nicest people I personally know! Seriously- he is just filled with such humbleness, excitement, knowledge and care. JD isn’t just your typical Dj – he cares about you and your marriage! JD actually cares about you and your family, your history, your future. He gets to know you and he offers his knowledge to make your marriage successful! This is key — there isn’t a lot of JD’s left out there. I guess that is the best part because he keeps his weddings so exclusive he doesn’t have a team of a  ton of dj’s when you book JD you get JD and the experience with him and his incredible wife!



Floral, Decor, and Linen:



A Fluttered Collection: Oh my! So excited! When I met Lindsay – holy smokes! This girl can customize anything and everything! She is basically a real life Etsy! And if anyone knows how addicting that can be – you know how much trouble that can be! She is just amazing to work with! Her laughter is contagious and her ideas just don’t stop. Her work is just amazing – ladies, anything that you need customized (Table numbers, decor, signs, bowties (yes check out her profile and you will fall in love) – anything anything anything – this is your girl!)

Entertainment Unlimited: Transformation galore. I can give Scott and his team a warehouse and they can make it look like the royal palace. I have worked with Scott many times and given him so many visions and not once has it been we can’t do this. He takes my bride’s vision to another level and just completely transforms places! He does lighting, draping, backdrops, customized pieces, like I said anything and everything you need – his team can take care of!

Fassler Florist & Event Design: Oh Destiny and Celeste  are incredible. You tell them a vision and they create something that can’t even be explained! Not to mention the personality just shines when you meet them. They offer experience, customization, personality, and passion to each of their brides. When I hear Brides talk about them its like they were talking about their best friend. They have been key members to A Bride’s Mafia from the days we were founded and helped grow our vision into what it is today!

Glendale Florist: Beth is incredible. Beth can make things happen that I can’t even explain. When I sit down with her and A Bride she literally takes the words right out of their mouth. Every Bride feels like she has made a new friend after their experience with Beth at Glendale Florist. Beth over delivers and every promise she makes I have seen her deliver it times a hundred!

Something Chic Party & Event Design: Sooooooo excited to have them part of A Bride’s Mafia. Talk about creating themes and just bringing it all together. Christina is amazing. When I first met her and saw her pictures I completely fell in love with her work. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for Battle of the Bands!

Sphire Elegance Chair Cover & Linen: Literally in the past five years I have seen rooms transform. One of the key ways I have seen this is working with Sphire Elegance. Not only are Amanda and Barb just two of my favorite people in this world but they make magic happen! Seriously the smallest things like chair covers & linens to me can transform a room a lot more than draping and etc. The best part is Barb will literally sit there and come up with ideas and show you tables and make your vision happen. Not only does she own all of her inventory (with a billion colors), but she treats every single bride with more care and passion than I have ever seen! Brides-to-be if you haven’t checked them out, do so! It is the little thing that can make the biggest difference!


Limo & Travel


Elements Limousine Service: Again, not gonna lie because I can be a little biased here (because I also run this company) but I think Elements Limousine has done great! We cater to brides every where for their big day, bachlorette parties, bridal showers, and etc! The thing is when this company was opened it was opened with a reception venue so we knew what it was like to take care of the Bride’s on their big day. We didn’t want to become a big chain with 1000 cars. We wanted to personally deliver to each and every single bride. Our 14 passenger hummer limo is spacious, fresh, and the perfect accessory to your big day!

First Discount Travel: Let me start off by saying if you asked me.. oh three years ago my response would have been- I can book online. Big mistake. Especially on your big day! Once I booked my vacation through FDT I realized I had been making a mistake all of these years. Not only does Jerry and his team go out of their way to make sure I get the best price (same as online and EVEN better at times – you will never pay more for their personal expertise than what they will find online), but they helped me plan my trip from beginning to end. Then when talking to them more with my bride’s I realized they weren’t just travel agents they are Honeymoon Experts! Traveling to majority of the resorts they recommend they speak from experience! Why wouldn’t you want to book with someone who has visited there!  The best part is they don’t work for anyone in particular so they aren’t biased – they work for you! To make your honeymoon a once in a lifetime vacation you won’t forget!


Photo & Video:


Ashley Mauro Photography: Ashley was recommended to me by one of our vendors. The moment I met her my face lit up. Her personal energy and excitement was just on another level! She was the cutest thing in the world. Just imagine having her on your wedding day! She will make you feel comfortable, excited, and not to mention her photography is just beautiful!

C.Marie’s Photography: Courtney is so funny! She caters to all of our brides and just is one of the most relaxed people I have ever met in my life. She goes with the flow and makes each bride feel extremely important and realizes it’s about the bride and her day. She never pressures anyone or makes a bride feel formal on her wedding day. When having her there you know you can put your mind at ease!

JMesa Photography: Jose is awesome. He was recommended to me by a hotel downtown and I remember when I talked to her she said it was someone who just came in from Miami. Meeting Jose was like I was picturing Miami meetings Cincinnati. Jose has that look and edge to him from Miami but the service/personality of Cincinnati. Jose works with his wife Lindsey (who is just awesome and super sweet). Together they bring the personality and comfort each bride wants on her big day!

Michael Bambino Photography: Ha, talk about hilarious! Michael is one of the funniest people I have ever met! Mike not only brings his humor (which he is well known for) but his passion and skill. He is one of the most talented photographers I have ever come across! The best part about his team is they have different packages with different photographers and each of them is unique in their own way! When I work with their team they not only provide service, passion, and skill but they are amazing to the brides. They are there to cover an event and give you an experience you deserve!

Molly Grosse Photography: Molly is just so sweet! My team just worked with her last week and they were so impressed at how organized she was and how much fun she had on the wedding day (not to mention they just told me she now does video!!!). Molly and her mom are a great combo! They put ease to the bride as well as offer a product that is beautiful!

Tracie Jean Photography: Tracie makes me laugh. She is awesome. Her vision when I met her about photography and capturing a brides perfect day was just awesome. She was so passionate about it that made me feel like this is someone I wanted to be associated with. She is very calm and just a person that will bring not only her level of skill on your wedding day but her passion.

True Artist Video: Hands down one of the most talented videographers I have ever come to know. Shane and his team don’t just film an event but they tell a story. They capture the experience and events that you can’t bring back. I have worked with True Artist a lot and they just fit in. They aren’t intrusive, they work with the timeline, they are there to do their job which is telling the story and capturing your special day. Re-watching your video from your big day is the best way to relive the most important day of your live!




A Day To Remember: Steve is one of the funniest men I have ever met! He not only Officiates weddings but now has a rental business of great lounge furniture! If you are looking for someone to officiate your ceremony and bring some humor to your day – this is your man!

Artic Diamond Ice Sculpture: I have worked with many “unique” people that add personal touches to your special day. Hands down Artic Diamond Ice Sculpture is one of the most talented companies I have ever dealt with. They have always taken my Bride’s vision to the next level. They aren’t just a company that produces ice sculptures, I think of them as a talented company that produced something that speaks on behalf of you (customized ice sculptures, names, something you love) and etc. I would say I have done over 50 ice sculptures with them and every single one of them has been a work of art – and the best part is they are fantastic to work with and have a great deal with A Bride’s Mafia!

On Occasions Cincy: Talk about talent. The ladies at On Occasions can make customize invitations to fit every personality, theme, and budget! They have been so fabulous to work with! Their work is impeccable! Their save the dates sets the tone to your big day followed by an invitation that can’t be matched anywhere else! If you can swing by their store (although for me it is dangerous because I wanted to buy everything in there). They have such cute bridesmaids gifts too!

Queen City Pyro: When a bride says to me she wants a grand slam spectacular event — nothing else comes to mind but fireworks! And the team at Queen City has delivered every single time! Customized fireworks for your special day! Eric and the team there make your special day end on a note that is untouchable!

Shutterbooth: With so many companies out now you don’t know who to go with. Shutterbooth has national recognition that gives them reputation and passion for what they do! They have been members since we started and offer each bride a customized package that fits her budget! Not to mention their staff is pretty incredible!

Smiling Eyes Photobooth: Again so many photobooth companies how do you know who to trust? The one thing I have learned is Brides — be careful! We have two of the most trusted photobooth companies in business! Smiling Eyes is one of my favorites! Not just because they give you double prints, an album, stay for the reception, but their service is amazing! Each one of their staff members has been absolutely great to work with!

Thirty-One: Ladies, you have to check out Thirty-One. I am not getting married but I buy things from here all of the time. They have such cute tote bags, hand bangs, and super cute gifts! Not to mention bridesmaids gifts are key here! They do a fantastic job at placing your orders and turn them around in a great time!

VeRozzi: Oh I love her! Talk about someone who is sweet and quiet but has so much to offer. Rosalind has just such amazing jewelry that blows you away! They are custom made pieces not just for you but your bridal party! I highly suggest contacting her because she can add the perfect accessories for your big day! Again, not to mention she is just so sweet to work with!




ADC:  The thing that I love about ADC is the uniqueness. Litza is awesome to work with! Think about Art Gallery, downtown, meetings Urban Chic.  I love going down to ADC- you have a great view, great service, not to mention just a beautiful wedding!

Bell Event Centre: I absolutely love the Bell! The history behind it is amazing! The venue is spectacular not to mention the staff that runs it – is fantastic! Each Bride that has gone there has told me that they went above and beyond to make things work for them. I recently got to go to a wedding here and it was absolutely one of my favorite venues!

Crowne Plaza Blue Ash: Love them. I use them more of a hotel stay but let me tell you they started to do weddings a lot more this year and they are rocking it out. Brides, if you are looking for a place to accommodate your wedding and out of town guests this is your place! Val will take such great care of you!

Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg:  So fun. Boogie nights? Yep! I got to experience it! Honestly when I was told about “boogie nights” I wasn’t sure what to expect. After going I had a blast! This is key for bachlorette parties! Where else can you and your girls go, have a blast, gamble, and get to stay at a top notch hotel? I can’t wait till I make my next trip out there!

Music Hall: Hands down of the most sophisticated places in Cincinnati. I am very lucky to be able to do a few weddings here next year. I was able to also host a bridal show there this past year (and this year) and they are just fantastic to work with. Literally, Terri made every one of my requests happen and the best part was walking in the day of the event was like walking into a dream. It was perfect!

Savannah Center: Loveeeeeeeee this place! I probably get to coordinate 5-6 weddings a year here. The staff is just phenomenal. Mary is able to accommodate all of our bride’s requests. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy. The place is so gorgeous and speaks volumes for itself. When a Bride calls me and says Savannah Center my face lights up (yes yes its because Savannah is amazing, but its also because I know the experience with Mary is going to be so wonderful!)

Special Events at Great American Ballpark:  You know — you would think being the Cincinnati Reds, this would be a tough venue to deal with. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am so lucky to have 3 weddings there this year! Producing show after show this is hands down one of the nicest venues to work with. They are just so accommodating, humble, thankful and excited! The ladies here take your experience to another level. I have never been told no Nidhi we can not do that (okay, well maybe we don’t get to play on the field) — but aside from that they honor all of our requests and try so hard to just make the Bride and Groom happy. This venue is not only fantastic for weddings, receptions, but rehearsal dinners! Oh and did you know if you do get married here, yep you can get married at home base!!! Come on Cincinnati fans — it doesn’t get better than that! Seriously though, without them I wouldn’t have been able to pull off some of the most amazing shows we have produced not to mention I wouldn’t have been able to see so many brides with so many smiles!

Elements Conference and Event Centre: Last but not least The Elements. Again I might be a little biased here because I run the Elements. But you know its great having the relationship with all of the other venues. We know we aren’t for everyone! So when we meet with someone we know if we aren’t a perfect fit we can send you somewhere that is! But what we do promise is providing you with a blank canvas and letting you create your perfect day! We are your one stop shop and with doing only one event per night we are able to make you feel like the most important thing that day! We know you’ve been dreaming of this day – so let the team at The Elements make it happen for you!

So make sure you come out to our next event or set up a complimentary consultation for us to make your dreams become a reality!