5 Ways on how to make your wedding day more fun for everyone

5 Ways on how to make your wedding day more fun for everyone

Photoby Sixteen Fourteen photography Your wedding is more than just a formal gathering, but a celebration with the most important people in your life. Think about it, when will you have these people from many different aspects of your life all together to celebrate with again? My guess is never. So here are my favorite ways that I help my clients in creating unique and fun weddings that everyone remembers for a lifetime.

1. Entertain your guest & wedding party – Hiring a professional DJ or band is important, but let’s think outside the box and add something that is so unexpected. For example, one of my weddings had acrobats performing on silks and hoops from the ceiling during the cocktail hour. Another wedding hand an Ice cream truck arrive during dessert hour which was a huge crowd pleaser to the young and old alike. One of my favorite ways to add a little fun is to bring my remote-control hummer cooler for my groom and his guys to enjoy. They play music on it while driving around their drinks and it creates some great photo opportunities as well.

2. Family traditions – Having planned hundreds of weddings, I often work with one family on several of their family’s weddings and I have witnessed new and old family traditions. One of my favorites is when a sweet couple opted for a last dance to their favorite song surrounded by their family and friends. This creates a climatic fun end to a full day of celebrating. Since witnessing this tradition, they have continued doing this in all their family’s weddings. I have suggested this to many couples who have really enjoy it. I have seen another family pass along a stuffed alligator from wedding to another having the couple do a family dance with it. Witnessing such creative traditions is really fun. Don’t be afraid to start a new tradition or continue one that your family has.

3. Let your guests be guests – Many couples look for ways to cut corners to have their budget go further, but if overall experience and enjoyment of your day is important do not have your family work on your wedding day. This increases stress because details will be overlooked, expectations are high and feelings can get hurt. Avoid stress and conflict and create an atmosphere for all your guest to enjoy the day by having a coordinator/planner work and run the day for you and your family. To know what to look for when choosing a wedding coordinator/planner see https://www.danarenaedesigns.com/blog

4. Create interactive experiences – During the wedding there is often down times for your guests (cocktail hour, waiting for during etc.) giving them something fun to do will help pass time. For the cocktail hour you can have a date night box and allow your guests to write out their suggestions. Once a month you and your new partner will pull a date night suggestion from the box and do it. For the time sitting and waiting for the buffet line, I love the idea of creating song names for each table instead of table numbers and having the DJ or band play that song when it is time for them to go to the buffet. It keeps everyone listening for their song and creates a sense of fun for everyone. Check out Chrissy Lane Designs for some great table number and sign ideas https://instagram.com/chrissylanedesigns

5. Surprise your guests – Doing something a little unexpected is a great way to create some special memories. My all-time favorite is when the bride and groom use grandparents as ring bearers and flower girls and don’t tell anyone. It truly is a great surprise and makes for some fantastic photos!

Photo Annie Ryan Photography This is your wedding day, above all else have fun and make it uniquely yours!

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