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You can see more wedding photographs on our Facebook page from Cathy & Joe’s Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception at The Center from the Images by Daniel Michael wedding photographers. I made a point of including all the photos of Joe and Cathy with each of you at the cocktail hour. Please like and and share all you like!

If you are a bride wondering about the sneak peek for your wedding, it is included with the Master Photographers but you can always purchase it regardless! This is just a sneak peek.  The rest of their photos will be finished 4-6 weeks after their wedding.

From the moment I started to talk to Joe as we waited for Cathy the first time we met, I knew this was going to be special.  It started with their story.  As Joe started to tell it, he decided just to show me the video.  It was no ordinary video.  It was a music video created by none other than my favorite band, platinum recording artist Blessid Union of Souls.  As it turns out they were also performing at the wedding.  I immediately changed the music playing at the studio to my Blessid Union Playlist just so they knew I wasn’t just “selling them”, since Joe is in fact in sales!!  Those who were at the wedding will appreciate that. 

If you’d like to see the the full Blessid Union of Souls music video, click here. For those who want to read the short story, they met on a flight and Cathy showed no interest.  But Joe was in sales and was persuasive enough to get her to sit with him.  They talked the whole flight and exchanged numbers at the end.  But they lived 12 hours away from each other.  Joe created a sales trip to a customer he had just visited a week prior to have an excuse to travel back to the area and ask Cathy if she wanted to meet up.  After driving 12 hours for a first date, it was worth it.  And the rest as they say is history!

So in addition to geeking out a bit about working with Eliot after being such a big fan for so long, I also got to know Joe and Cathy.  I think our first meeting was about 3 hours.  We talked about photography for about 30 minutes.  Their engagement session was about an hour and a half.  We took pictures for about 30 minutes.

At the wedding it seemed like Eliot was the common link to all the vendors!  Cathy and her friends were huge fans of the band dating back to their teenage years.  I was a fan dating back to my 20’s (I have a few years on her!), Jonathan who is a photographer/videographer for Ron Wood Photo and Video has been a friend to Elliot since before Blessid Union was created.  Then we find out on the wedding day the the Cincinnati Police officer who was doing security went to High School With Eliot!  Add to that, I’ve known Jonathan since before he worked with Ron Wood, Cathy found Brideface on our preferred vendors page and I’ve known Jasmine for about 10 years.  We’ve worked with Colleen and CC and Company for quite a few years.  It felt like we were all supposed to be there together on that day and I wouldn’t have missed it.

Lastly I want to send a special thanks to Flying Underground.  Most of the members of Blessid Union also play in that band.  Cathy is also a huge fan of theirs and Kelly McCracken surprised Cathy with a cameo in the band.  They were amazing!

Wedding Vendor Love:

Wedding Ceremony Venue: The Center 

Wedding Reception Venue: The Center

DJ: Queen City DJ 

Florist: CC & Co

Hair: Brideface

Make Up: Brideface

Videographer: Jonathan Hornsby

Catering: Vonderhaars

Cake:  Oliver’s Desserts

Candy:  Esther Price

Sound/Staging/Lighting:  Modern Stage and Sound

Transportation:  My Party Bus

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